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Who Am I?

Hey! I’m Suzanne – the founder of this little place I call “Healthy Ever Afters.” And yes, that embarrassing picture on the right is of me – both of them. I take my health very seriously, though you’d never know it looking at the picture on the left. You see, I’m 7 years cancer free after a scary late-stage breast cancer diagnosis.

As happy as I was to survive, I was also a mess. I was way overweight, and had all kinds of health issues. I knew that if I couldn’t get those things under control, my battle would be for nothing…

because the cancer would just come back – and it’s the second time that kills you.

So I tried really hard…I really did. But guess what happened?

I PUT ON 20 pounds while dieting! Seriously none of the things that used to work did anything any more.

That’s when I went in desperate search of answer to what was happening. And when I found it, I felt called on mission to help others. Because, sister, we’re all in this together. And most of us our struggling with this same thing and just can’t figure it out.

The best part is that I didn’t find it in anything extreme – you know all those gimmicks with big empty promises? It wasn’t in a pill or starving myself or doing a super-intense exercise program (just kill me now, seriously). No, it came in listening to my body and giving it what it needs – you know the basic old-fashioned stuff. I’m telling you, your body doesn’t want to be starved, it wants food – good, real food.

Ironic isn’t it? I had to STOP dieting to lose weight.

Honestly, I never had hopes and dreams of being a weight loss coach, but after my experience I realized that getting our metabolism under control is the first step to finding good health – or that “Healthy Ever After” that we all want and deserve. You can go here if you want to read more about me.

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Here’s the crazy thing – I had to STOP dieting to lose weight and get healthy. It’s all about listening to our bodies and providing what they want. (Hint – they don’t want to starve. They want good nutrient-dense food.) 

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