Yes, you CAN have a lean and healthy body, even in your 40s and 50s.

What others are saying:


“Within days I was able to stop obsessing about food.”

I had more energy. I wasn’t hungry all day. And I was able to get more things done, because I could think more clearly. I’ll never go back to the way I used to eat. This has changed everything for me.

Cassie B.


“Nothing worked for me!”

I felt so good right away. More energy and less upset stomach. I’m so grateful to Suzanne for helping me figure this out. I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and this is seriously the only thing that has worked.

Laurel C.

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“I’m finally able to get a good night’s sleep!”

I love that this is mindful and wholesome eating, not starving and no gimmicks. I feel less bloated, can sleep, and over all I just feel so much better. I knew that there had to be something natural that would work, but it’s so hard to figure out on your own. Thank you!

Ruth A.

Carol T.

“It’s uncanny how Suzanne knows my heart.”

The progress I make working with her is amazing. I love our sessions and the things I’m able to do after each one.

Carol T.

Kimi F.

“I was surprised at how productive just one session could be.”

Suzanne is so understanding and nonjudgmental. She helped me see things about myself that I never understood. I look forward to accomplishing much more in future sessions.

Kimi F.

Joyce C.

“Suzanne has a gift.” 

Oh my gosh. Suzanne got to the root of what’s been holding me back within minutes. It was amazing. She’s got a gift.

Joyce C.

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